Most people would say there is no such thing as slot machine tips and tricks, but there are different ways to play them. I found after years of playing different bets on slots, some betting styles actually work. So I decided to share my slot machine tips to help others win more often. Gambling should be fun for everyone, so here are some ways I make gambling more fun.

Slot machine tricks

my big win on glitz betting 1 times 10

I have found that certain types of slot machines are better than others. I only like some WMS machines and Aristocrat slots. I find some slot machines pay better than others. I avoid the machines where I have to play all the lines. I have much better luck on slot machines where I can select how many lines and how many multipliers per line. The picture above shows me hitting for $30 dollars betting only 10 cents, which can be great slot machine tips on the game called Glitz.

Bad plays on slots

Some things are just all-out bad ideas when playing slots. Playing slots after you had too much to drink is always a bad idea. It is always a good idea to keep your thinking rational when playing slots. Some people play with the same machine for too long thinking it’s bound to pay. Some slot machines like wicked winnings are notorious for not paying out for long periods. I have read all kinds of bad tips online for playing slots. I generally tell people to use common sense especially if they win. Common sense seems to go out the window when people win big using slot machine tips.

Vary you bets on slots

vary your bets on slots
here I won only playing 5 lines times 5

Another great tip when playing slots is to vary your bets. I see some people that think they will miss out on certain wins if they don’t play all the lines. I always found it much better to vary your bets on slots. Try playing fewer lines for a few spins instead of playing the same amount. I have had several good hits on slots betting only one line. I have over $100 a few times playing one line times 10. Playing fewer lines with a high multiplier can be one of the better slot machine tips.

Casinos can be fun

Casinos are built to make money. You never hear of a casino actually losing money. Nobody likes to lose money at the casino. Most people that play slot machines just want to have some fun. One of the slot machine tips I am always sharing is to try different styles of betting on slots. Casinos can be fun if you play a little smarter I say.

Beating the casino

slot machine tips and lies
beating the casino is a lie

I have seen some people who claim they have a system for beating the casino. Beating the casino is more delusional than thinking you are going to win every time playing slots. I don’t think anyone really beats the casino in today’s world. Some card counters may increase their chances when playing blackjack, which is great. But for slot machine tips, they still wouldn’t beat the casino. Beating the casino is nothing but a lie its not about beating the casinos it’s only discovering what slot machine tips can actually help you win.

Big betting tips

big betting tips on slots
I suggest to only bet big for a few minutes on slots

Sometimes I will try a few spins with a bigger bet on various slot machines. There are several times when I play for major jackpots. This time I was playing for the jackpot and had a good hit betting bigger than I normally do. One of my slot machine tips is to only play for maybe 5 minutes on big bets. The game is called wild lion made by Konami gaming.

Best Slot Machines to Play

Some slot machines are better than others. Here are some of the best slot machines to play. My best wins on slots have been on smaller bets. I suggest only playing for progressives that have to pay out by a certain amount. Games like the buffalo and jaguar mist have been the best slot machines to play for me. I vary my bets quite often and never bet the max, well almost never. I also find the best slot machines that let you choose your lines and multipliers.

Slot Machine Strategy

slot machine strategy
I always use some kind of slot machine strategy

When I go to the casino to play slots I usually have some kind of slot machine strategy. One strategy I use is to play small best for starters on any slot machine. I have all kinds of luck playing one line on slots times 10 or 20. More slot machine tips are to limit the amount of money you plan on playing at the casino. I usually play several different slot machines also to increase my chances of winning.

Slot and casinos

slots and casinos
slot tips for casinos

Some of the best wins are from slots and casinos. Playing slots is usually a tough way to win at the casino. I found if you play a little smarter at the casino when it comes to slots you can win. There are some different ways to play slots at the casino that work for me. I try to share my pictures of slot wins on Twitter every day or two.

I have found some great videos and slot tips on YouTube as well. I share as many pictures of slot wins as I can. Most of my slot pictures can be found on Twitter and places like Facebook and Pinterest.