my casino tips and tricks

My casino tips should help you get the best deals at any casino. Some of the best casino tips can be found online, most casinos have a website loaded with promotions. The best thing to do in any casino is to ask guest services for any promotions. It always pays to ask the casino about any new or ongoing promotions. My goal is to share as many gaming tips as possible. Visiting your local casino should be fun and enjoyable.

Casino players card

always use a casino players card

Casino tips number 1 is to get your own casino players card. I always suggest everyone should get a casino player’s card even if you are only playing for one day. There are always benefits to using a player’s card at any casino. There are always promotions just for people using a player’s card in the casino.

Casino slot pictures

tips for having fun at the casino

I was doing a search of casinos on IE and found some great casino images. These images are not casino tips, but a great collection of casino images. When it comes to casinos and gambling there are some obvious dos and don’ts such as:

  • don’t bring money you are not prepared to lose.
  • don’t try to win back your loses
  • don’t drink too much
  • do try to enjoy your visit
  • do try different games
  • do limit your budget
  • going as a group can be more fun and safe

Play table games

There are many people who say you should never play slot machines and only play table games. I used to play table games at the casino before, now I find them just too boring. Table games like blackjack are a better bet in terms of odds. The odds are always stacked against the player on slot machines. I have way more fun playing slots mind you. If making money was my only goal, I would stick to playing table games.

Other casino tips

other casino tips that work
finding other casino tips that extend my playtime

There are all kinds of table games in casinos. Other casino tips such as playing only table games that offer odds close to 50% can be helpful. I play slots for fun and of course, I do what I can to win more. There are other gambling tips on places like YouTube.I’m not trying to break the casino or offering a guaranteed win every time. My goal is more about extending my playtime at the casino.

Playing slots longer

Most times when I go to the casino I like to play slots instead of table games. Another good casino tip is to simply bet less than you normally would. I look for slot machines where I can choose my lines and bet less to extend my playtime. Most people that play slots just want to be able to play slots longer. I suggest looking for machines where you can vary your bets instead of playing all the lines.

 Slot machines

I enjoy playing slots more than any other game in the casino. Most slot machines are hard to win on. I have always tried to find different ways of playing slots. I like playing slot machines like the buffalo. I also find if I play smaller bets on slots I seem to hit more often. There are all kinds of theories for playing slots and they are generally all false. I am not looking to get rich playing slot machines, that would be silly. I am just looking for ways to extend my playtime and enjoy myself at the casino.

Some of my best gambling tips are below

  • walk around the casino before playing
  • talk to slot attendants about tips
  • ask guest services about promotions
  • start playing small bets first
gambling tips
some of my best gambling tips

These are just a few of the best gambling tips I have found that worked for me. I always suggest taking your time and looking around the casino first before playing. I also find playing smaller bets can be fun and last longer.