Hi, my name is Bill Cashes and I am from Canada. I have played slots for the last 20 years. I have always been looking for a different way to play slots. After trying several different betting styles, I found some that actually work for me.

We all know that playing slots is a gamble indeed. I’m not saying I have a guaranteed system for gambling, that would be silly. I simply share how I play the slot machines at the casino. I enjoy playing the slots and like sharing my pictures. There is no proven system to beat the casino.

I just like sharing pictures and videos of my big wins on slots. If sharing my way of playing slots helps someone else win great, but I take no responsibility for someone else gambling. Gambling is always about taking risks and chances nothing is guaranteed, but I wish you the best of luck if you do gamble.

Of course, there is no guarantee when it comes to slot machines at the casino. I take pictures of most of my wins on any slot machine. Most casinos won’t let you take pictures so you have to be quick at taking pictures.

I post quite a few of my wins on Twitter as well, Twitter is easier for posting pictures. I generally have to edit all my pictures from my phone before I post them here. Some pictures come out better than others when you are taking quick pictures.

I also post my pictures of wins on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by.